Frame Clamps

Our frame clamps come in two sizes, regular and mini.  The regular size frame clamps can make frames up to 48"x48" or larger.  The mini frame clamps are better for making smaller frames for documents and pictures.

Both sizes of frame clamps are available in multiple types of wood.  Frame clamps are typically made when ordered, are finished with lacquer, and come with all necessary hardware (except the hand clamp).

Prices may change to reflect current wood pricing, and certain woods may not be available.  Prices do NOT include a hand clamp or shipping.

Birch $75.00 Birch $60.00
Poplar $75.00 Poplar $60.00
Red Oak $75.00 Red Oak $60.00
White Oak $75.00 White Oak $60.00
Maple $90.00 Maple $70.00
Cherry $90.00 Cherry $70.00
Mahogany $90.00 Mahogany $70.00
Walnut $90.00 Walnut $70.00

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