Shopsmith Mark 7 Table Saw Table Inserts

Custom made out of MDF, these table saw inserts can be used with more than just the table saw on the Shopsmith Mark 7!  Its many uses include the following:

  • Zero clearance insert for table saw mode
  • Expendable insert for drilling with drill press mode
  • Expendable insert for drilling with horizontal boring mode
  • Custom plate for specific bits in router/shaper mode

Each insert is fitted in our Mark 7 to ensure proper fit.

Inserts are shipped unfinished, but we recommend that customers apply a coat of paste wax to the top side of the insert.  This will allow wood to move easily across it.

Inserts are $17.50 each, plus shipping.  To request a quote, please click the "Request Quote" button below.

SAFETY NOTE:  Since the table saw blade can come up in multiple locations and at multiple angles, a slot is NOT provided for use with the splitter/upper saw guard.  We highly recommend that customers modify inserts used with the table saw to allow use with these important safety components!

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