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Zen of Machining Series

Thumbnail Video Number Video Name
E6 Facing Bar Stock on Manual Lathe
E5 HDPE Boring on CNC Lathe
E4 Turning Wobbly Steel Plates on Manual Lathe
E3 Drilling/Milling Keyway into Steel Bar on End Mill
E2 Facing a Flange with Holes on Manual Lathe
E1 Aluminum Hourglass Figure on CNC Lathe

Woodworking Video Series

Thumbnail Video Number Video Name Challenge / Contest
60 Season 6 Premiere
59 Triquetra Touch Plate Review
58 Cedar Chest for Navy Uniforms
57 Toy Cars Shelter Challenge
56 MakerSpace Crosscut Sled KK Make Next Generation Makers Challenge
55 Magic Floating Live Edge Shelf Tree Challenge
54 Ash Shillelagh Tree Challenge
53 Ash Mallet Tree Challenge
52 MakerSpace Lumber Cart
51 Salt and Pepper Shakers David Lyda’s Scrap Swap Collaboration
50 Dottie Zombie Weapon Challenge
49 Family Halloween Ghosts
48 Redwood 2x4 Wind Spinner Summers Woodworking 2016 2x4 Challenge
47 Pallet Wood Wall Storage
46 From SketchUp to Easel X-Carve Quickie
45 X-Carve Stool
44 How I Zero My Z-Axis X-Carve Quickie
43 Sudoku Game
42 Diresta Inspired Logo Stencil
41 Finding Decent Wood at a Good Price Get Woodworking Week 2016
40 Cedar Plank Porch Gardens Get Woodworking Week 2016
39 X-Carve Secondary Wasteboard
38 Pine Bookshelves
37 Edge Rounding Blocks Scrap Bin Challenge
36 X-Carve Stepper Calibration
35 Adjusting X-Carve Potentiometers
34 Setting X-Carve Belt Tension
33 X-Carve Assembly Tips
32 X-Carve Initial Review
31 X-Carve X-Axis Modification
30 Customizable Power Tool Table
29.B 2x4 Intarsia Closeup
29 2x4 Intarsia Summers Woodworking 2015 2x4 Challenge
28 Scrap Lumber Cart
27 Tree Challenge Late Entry Tree Challenge
26 Garage Tool Shelf / Shop Tool Setups
25 Workshop Shelves
24 Walnut and Maple Star of David Wall Clock
23 Maple Honey Dipper
22 60 Degree Miter Jig
21 French Cleat Drill Bit Holder
20 H.O. Studley Inspired Tool Chest Cut List Challenge
19 Scrap Maple Mirror Mounts Scrap Bin Challenge
18 Tres Birdhouses Summers Woodworking 2014 2x4 Challenge
17 Vanity Trim
16 Personalized Vent Registers
15 A Three Pack of Lumber Racks
14 2x4 Locking Overhead Ladder Storage System
13 Cheap and Easy French Cleats
12 Camera Mount System and Upcoming Projects
11 2x4 Pirate Chest Bank Summers Woodworking 2014 2x4 Challenge
10 Shop Stool Build Off Prep Work
9 Frame Clamp
8 Bird Feeder
7 Patio Storage Bench (made from pallets)
6 Pallet Birdbath Garden
5 Gardening Six Pack
4 Breakfast Tray
3 Bee House
2 Seedling Cart / Mobile Greenhouse
1 Mustache Day